ProBuilders of the Carolinas, Inc. consists of two complimentary operations:

  • a Property Loss Consulting Firm (Insurance Claim Disputes) &
  • ProBuilders of Johnston County a licensed general contractor.

The principle activity of this operation is troubleshooting cause and origin of real property damages. This portion of the operation is broken down into two main categories. Insurance Claim Disputes Consulting and Construction Defect Consulting.

Within the Insurance Claim Dispute Consulting Side, we focus on disputed claims, whereby the insured and the insurance carrier cannot agree upon the amount of the loss as a result of wind, snow, ice storm, flood, fire or mold. The construction defect side of the operation focuses on cause and origin of damages to real property, whether or not it involves an insurance matter.

We are actively involved with a wide range of experts, in various fields, depending on the subject matter – from engineers to forensic scientists – in a wide variety of subjects including structures, roofing, windows, building materials across the board, mold and asbestos. We work regularly with many law firms that are well versed in methods and practices of Insurance, Bad Faith and Unfair Claims Settlement Practices and Construction Law.

Although we are perceived by some as a consumer advocate, our mission statement is more in line with an Arbitrator, an Arbitrator that has the combined technical, forensic and construction skills of the experts that other arbitrators would turn to for advice. (an Arbitrator with 40 years of experience, working within the insurance industry, including formal training as an adjuster.

Via the Appraisal Process, the average consumer can achieve a fair and complete settlement for their loss in a fraction of the time of a lawsuit and usually at a fraction of the cost. Our approach to evaluating construction defects and assisting property owners in disputed claims with an insurance carrier is especially geared toward a quick and inexpensive solution, without a costly lawsuit.

Possibly the best part of our services is that we will offer you an initial assessment of the situation without charge. The rationale here is that if the customer finds that there is a source to turn to for 3rd party advice about their problem without cost, the powerful word of mouth method of advertising will provide us with an adequate return on the investment down the road.

Problems with your Insurance Company, have Questions about your claim? Want to know there is an expert looking out for your interest?