About Us

ProBuilders is a consulting firm and a licensed general construction firm located in Cary North Carolina, owned and operated by Lewis. Lewis is a 3rd generation builder with nearly 40 years of experience in commercial and residential construction. His academic achievements include: formal training as a property adjuster, a Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Architecture, a HAAG Engineering Certified Roof Inspector and holds a variety of Certificates of Completion of seminars on Failure Analysis involving Roof and the Building envelope offered by HAAG and the Roofing Consultants Institute.

 Your Rights

Regardless of the reason for your claim, if you are at a point where you believe that you have more of a claim than the insurance company agrees to, and you would like to explore your options as how to proceed in the least expensive and quickest manner, ProBuilders can help. [more]

Lewis has amassed vast experience in the insurance industry, providing him with an unusually well rounded set of skills dealing with insurance claims. He is able to converse on a skilled level with regarding:

  1. Construction/ Repair Practices
  2. Forensics of Property Damage (cause & origin)
  3. Standards of care and practice of the insurance industry
  4. Theory of design
  5. Solid estimating skills

All of this gives Lewis an advantage to assist in every negotiated conflict arising from a disputed insurance claim.


ProBuilders provides direct support to the insurance industry by providing efficient plans for complicated repairs for fire, wind, flood and ice damage, mold and construction issues, and more.



Via the appraisal process, the average consumer can achieve a fair and complete settlement for their loss in a fraction of the time of a lawsuit and usually at a fraction of the cost. [more]